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Ethanol is a food-grade alcohol used in every spirit produced. It’s a strong solvent, safe for consumers, and the most common method of extraction in the industry.

Learn how chemicals can be separated and purified through distillation, a process which separates them based on their respective boiling points: YouTube Video.

Ethanol is FDA approved and classified as class 3 (solvents not known to be hazardous to humans). Although butane is slightly more efficient than ethanol, it is also very dangerous to work with and harmful if accidentally ingested. CO2 extractions are safe, yet significantly less efficient because it delivers low yields and leaves unwanted plant constituents in the oil.

This is highly dependent on plant material and equipment used, but our most experienced customers typically see efficiencies up to 98.6%.

We’ve found most of our clients rely on a rotary evaporator, but we’re happy to put you in touch with qualified manufacturers to develop the best solution for your needs.


For information on purchasing our alcohol for industrial use in your state, please see our permitting page.

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